Quarrystone’s Full Country Breakfast typically includes:

Starting with fresh ground coffee and fruit juice.

Either fresh fruit plates, or baked grapefruit/apples/pears, or a mixed fruit medley, or fresh berries, house made granola and yogurt, or fruit filled crepes and compotes…..or…

Followed by Quarrystone’s Famous Muffins (ask for the recipe!) and either herbed cheese scones or stuffed with caramelized red onions and brie, croissants, cinnamon buns, apple and cherry strudels and more…home made jams and preserves.

For the main entrée typically you can expect……

• Three free range egg omlette filled with spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, Salt Spring feta.
• Herbed scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, purple onion, capers and cream cheese on a mini bagel
• Traditional Eggs Benedict, avacado/shrimp, spinach/tomatoe/goat cheese, or….
• Stuffed French toast with brie, blackberries, strawberries and a triple berry cream cheese.
• Crepes filled with wild mushrooms, pancetta, farm fresh eggs and chives
• Phyllo roll with ricotta cheese, crab, lobster, braised leeks and fresh herbs
• Buckwheat blinis with warm bing cherries and crème fraiche
• Smoked Salmon Crepe Torte

All of the above served with either hand cut and baked hash browns, potatoe latkes with crème fraiche or baby new potatoes and fresh herbs.

Either country pork sausage, Saltspring Lamb sausage, thick double smoked bacon, honey cured ham….

A medley of juilienned sautéed vegetables, or grilled and roasted peppers, zucchini and mushrooms with a balsamic reduction, or broiled parmesan and pesto tomatoes and asperagus or perhaps portabello mushrooms stuffed with Saltspring goat cheese and spinach….
Whether Vegan, Celiac, Vegetarian or Meatetarian there is no dietary need that we cannot match!!…(with advanced notice in some cases)

All menu items are locally grown, organic and purchased from local farms whenever possible.

Quarrystone has become famous for our breakfasts….